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Introducing the crew

We believe that textile is a bridge between the past and the future and will evolve in the future with endless material opportunities. We question the past, explore the present and share the future for a sustainable textile industry.

Founder & Executive Director


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Known for wanting to be a change leader, brave innovator, facilitator, systems thinker, and niche seeker, Cemre has a passion for change, hyper-cycle, revitalization, and pioneering.
Collaborative, open-source coaching with sustainability goals is her inspiration.
Cemre shares her ideas on global platforms to inspire and be inspired.


Strategy & Development Director


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Assistant Director, Writer

Kemal ÜNLÜ

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Our Global Youth Ambassadors help us spread important messages about Sustainable and Circular Fashion. If you are ethically minded, passionate about sustainable fashion, and will use your voice and platforms to empower others to take action, then we want to hear from you!


San Francisco, CA

Would you like to join our team, which started working exactly 1 year ago to increase the level of global awareness about Textile Journey and take an active role in the transformation into a circular, sustainable textile industry?

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