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S.Cafe: Coffee Reinforced Fabric

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

One of the most important advantages of natural fibers is that they are suitable for recycling and reuse. For this reason, the tendency to switch from synthetic fibers to fibers of natural origin has begun, as it will benefit from reducing environmental pollution. One of the examples of studies aimed at protecting nature and raising awareness of nature in society is coffee reinforced fabric.

Have you ever dreamed that the coffee you drink turns into the clothes you wear? S.Cafe technology makes your dream come true.

S.Cafe is integrated into the ever-growing coffee drinking culture. There is never a need to waste time and energy to produce the basic S.Cafe raw material, because coffee is always consumed, so there will always be coffee grounds to collect and use. Most importantly, coffee grounds, whose last stop is garbage, turns into a brand new material in its fiber structure. S.Cafe yarn can be used in a wide variety of different products, from outdoor and sports performance wear to household items that we use every day. It is stated that a number of major ready-to-wear brands (such as North Face, Puma, and Timberland) are already in use.

Singtex Industrial Co., a Taiwan-based company. The coffee-reinforced fabric, developed by S.Cafe and commercially launched under the name of S.Cafe, has succeeded in embedding coffee grounds into its fiber structure. S.Cafe yarns combine with Lyocell filaments to form a fabric made from discarded coffee grounds and biodegradable wood pulp. The natural aroma of the coffee is removed during the production of the fabric.

S.Cafe technology changes the properties of the filament and adds features such as odor control, fast drying, UV protection and cooling.


- Odor Control

S.Cafe ground coffee absorbs the odors that the body produces throughout the day. Since the coffee grounds are embedded in the S. Cafe yarn, the clothes can be used for a long time without washing.

Compared to cotton, S.Cafe sustainable technology provides 3 times more odor control.

- Quick Dry

S.Cafe continuously transports moisture from the leather to the outer surface of the fabric for a faster drying process. Moisture transfers from the skin to the outer layer of the S.Cafe fabric, spreading over the surface area to reduce the drying time.

By using S.Cafe fabric garments, the drying efficiency can be increased by 50% compared to other commonly used fabrics.

- UV Protection

S. Cafe coffee grounds have numerous microscopic pores that reflect UV rays and create a long-lasting, natural and chemical-free shield for the yarn or fiber, providing a comfortable outdoor experience.

Compared to cotton, S.Cafe sustainable technology provides 5 times more UV protection.

- Cooling

S.Cafe ICE-CAFÉ is a sustainable yarn that can cool the skin's temperature by approximately 1 to 2oC compared to ordinary fabrics. The fabric itself has a cooling property.



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