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Dazzling Products of LumiGram: Luminous Textiles

Güncelleme tarihi: 22 Kas 2021

Incorporated in 2006 LumiGram has been pioneering the development and use of innovative luminous technologies in textiles ever since. Its team has developed unique expertise and technology in luminous textiles that have been used for creating many never seen before products and projects.

These products and projects have demonstrated the amazing possibilities of the luminous fiber optics fabric in many areas, such as decoration and interior architecture, fashion, show business, special events, marketing, and promotional items, furniture, packaging, safety, etc.

The Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric is a fabric that literally lights up ; It is made of ultra-thin optical fibres, directly woven with synthetic fibers. The optical fibers are specially processed in order to allow the light to be emitted along the full length of the fibers. The optical fibers are then connected at the edge of the fabric to ultra-bright LEDs which inject light into the fabric. The light is distributed evenly across the entire surface of the fabric, resulting in a self-illuminating textile. The resulting fabric is very unique, providing and elegant lighting all over its surface, with a distinctive starry sky texture.

The fabric is available in several colours. It is flexible, fast, light weight, does not heat up and consumes little power. It is water resistant and can be washed. This makes the luminous Fabric ideal for many applications, such as light up clothing home decoration, interior architecture, stage decoration, cars decoration, furniture, special events and promotional items.

The Luminous Fiber Optic Fabric is actually complete set, including the fabric itself, optical modules (LEDs) connected to the fabric, and power supply (batteries or AC adapter depending on options). For technical reasons, the company does not sell the raw fibre optic fabric as is per meter or per yard, but provides “ready for use” pieces of luminous fabric, that calls “luminous panels”.

Luminous panels are pieces of fabric, ready for use, proposed with standard or custom dimensions, with optical modules and power supply. The panels can be cut to their final shape and sewn with standard sewing machines. LumiGram can provide design and development services for clients wishing to use fiber optic fabric in their products. The Luminous panels are meant to be used for making clothing, furniture, wall panels, etc.



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