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World's number one 'Sustainable Hanger' Brand: Arch&Hook

Güncelleme tarihi: 22 Kas 2021

Before I came across this brand, I thought only clothes could be sustainable. It never occurred to me that Suspensions had to be sustainable either. However, it is bought on a plastic hanger with every garment, and considering that all brands in the world do this, this means quite a lot of plastic waste. The interesting thing is that not only me, but also very few people in the world will have thought that there is only one academic study done so far, and Arch & Hook company is doing this in 2019.

Arch & Hook publishes a pioneering report on the environmental impact of plastic hangers. This is the first academic research on the effects of plastic hangers on the environment. The report is supported by the University of Northumbria, Conscious Fashion Campaign, supported by the United Nations Office of Partnerships and Sustainable Angle.

In addition to the primary research, the study also used data from world-renowned industry reports, sales figures, and academic literature to provide an in-depth analysis of the current market position.

About this Dr. Alana James;

“For nearly a century, fashion has relied on unhealthy confidence in the use of plastics, and 65% of all currently produced garments are made of synthetic fibers. "Although 60% of all garments sold are associated with a plastic hanger, hangers remain a largely overlooked environmental footprint in the industry," he says.

“Awareness of how many hangers are thrown away in retail is very low, especially during the transportation phase. Fashion professionals have no clue about the answers ”, adds Emma Reed.

The brand declared that it is determined to further educate individuals in the fashion and retail industries about the need to consider hanger composition and recycling practices when implementing change in business operations.

"Our eye-catching report is just the tip of the iceberg. Data on sling usage worldwide is still not available," concludes Sjoerd Fauser.
"We are determined to expand research into other areas by collaborating with more partners to uncover the truth, raise awareness and turn sustainability into concrete action."

The report also includes other key findings such as:

-The annual number of plastic hanger users in the UK clothing market

-Number of plastic hangers sent in online clothing orders

-The number of plastic hangers (GOH) used only for the transport of clothes

-Unit sale of clothes with corresponding plastic hangers

He divided the Brand Hangers into 3 categories.

These are FSC®, Mission-E®., and BLUE®.

Arch & Hook set a new example for fashion brands around the world with its Arch & Hook BLUE® program.

Arch & Hook BLUE® hangers are made of up-recycled thermoplastic made from marine plastics, ocean-bound plastics, and post-consumer plastics. The thermoplastic used for the Arch & Hook BLUE® program collects in the world's most polluted areas, including four of the world's most polluting rivers. According to the World Economic Forum, these rivers cause 90% of ocean plastic pollution. Thermoplastics are collected, classified and separated, crushed, transported, and finally prepared as raw material suitable for Arch & Hook BLUE® hanger production. Arch & Hook BLUE® hangers can be collected and turned into hangers at the end of their life.

With the Mission-E® program, the way plastic hangers are produced has been changed by switching from single-use low-grade plastic to long-lasting high-quality recyclable thermoplastic hangers. The brand promises to last 10 times longer than disposable plastic hangers.

Arch & Hook's wooden hangers are made exclusively from sustainably sourced wood. Certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, an independent, nonprofit organization that protects forests for future generations. FSC® is an open, membership-based organization that sets the standards by which forests and companies are certified. FSC® membership consists of three equally weighted segments (environmental, economic, and social) to ensure balance and the highest level of integrity. Arch & Hook's wooden hangers are made exclusively from sustainably sourced wood.

If you want to read the report, I leave the pdf link. If you want to visit the brand's site, you can go to

Download PDF • 356KB

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